THE Halo


“What Keeps Executives Up at Night”?
The Halo Series taps into industry executives to learn what is keeping them up at night as the ever-changing market continues to adapt.

Episode One with Brad Beiermann, VP Technology, Everspring
Episode Two with Rory Trotter, Director Global Comp & Performance, Brown-Forman
Episode Three with Jennifer Mancuso, VP Human Resources, North Highland
Episode Four with Andy Pruitt, CTO, UpEquity
Episode Five with Liz Naber, CEO, Hummilitas
Episode Six with Rich Geller, Director of Business Development
Episode Seven with Rocki Howard, Chief People & Equity Officer, The Mom Project
Episode Eight with Sam Zipp, CEO, Global Entertainment Matrix (GEM)
Episode Nine with Andy Mowat, CEO, Gated
Episode Ten with Angela Buckley-Martin, Startup HR Executive 
Episode Eleven with Matt Strauss, CEO/Co-Founder, RiseKit