The Halo Series 

Dive into the Halo Series, uncovering ‘What Keeps Executives Up at Night.’ Explore the challenges in an ever-changing market. Stay informed and ahead with executive insights.

Episode 1 with Brad Beiermann, VP Technology, Everspring
Episode 2 with Rory Trotter, Director Global Comp & Performance, Brown-Forman
Episode 3 with Jennifer Mancuso, VP Human Resources, North Highland
Episode 4 with Andy Pruitt, CTO, UpEquity
Episode 5 with Liz Naber, CEO, Hummilitas
Episode 6 with Rich Geller, Director of Business Development
Episode 7 with Rocki Howard, Chief People & Equity Officer, The Mom Project
Episode 8 with Sam Zipp, CEO, Global Entertainment Matrix (GEM)
Episode 9 with Andy Mowat, CEO, Gated
Episode 10 with Angela Buckley-Martin, Startup HR Executive
Episode 11 with Matt Strauss, CEO/Co-Founder, RiseKit 
Episode 12 with Danielle Profita Briner, Director of Product Marketing, Kobiton 
Episode 13 with Jeff Bettinger, Transformational Chief People Officer 
Episode 14 with Drew Williams, CEO/Founder, FANFUNDR 
Episode 15 with Ali Miller, CEO, The Ethical Aesthete 
Episode 16 with Bec Jones, COO/Co-Founder, Pyrra Technologies Inc. 
Episode 17 with Fayyaz Rajpari, CEO, IntelliGuards 
Episode 18 with Meg Newhouse, Co-Founder & SVP, Inspirant Group, a 10Pearls Company 
Episode 19 with Steve Sprieser, CEO/Co-Founder, Petrichor